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What are pollinators?

New Mexico is the home to more than three hundred species of butterflies and around one thousand species of bees ...see more

What are pollinator plants?

Pollinator plants are those plants that pollinators can either gather pollen or nectar from, lay their eggs on, use as a larval food source, or live on ...see more

Where can I buy pollinator plants and seeds?

Santa Fe is fortunate to have a number of nurseries where you can purchase native and pollinator friendly seeds and plants ...see more

What learning material is available for school programs?

Information is empowering, at any age. Learning more about pollinators, their importance and how we can protect them will give us the tools to do a better job of conserving this vital part of our Santa Fe ecosystem ...see more

What other reading material is available?

As more research is conducted each year, we learn more about pollinators and the factors impacting their survival ...see more